“Hail, Caesar!”, “The Witch”, A24, and the Pain of Anticipation

So we got this treat to start off our weekend…

How badly do you want to hear more of that accent from Tilda Swinton right now?

And just like that: we have our most-anticipated film of the future months. Or, The Future months. I also imagine that once we’ve gotten through the next six months of Oscar madness and holiday movies (and a small film called Star Wars, maybe you’ve heard about it), this is going to be quite the palate cleanser.

However, my most-anticipated of this next year is still months away, despite having debuted back in January at Sundance…

… also despite the fact we’re missing out on something to terrify us this Halloween (Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension, friends?).

The good folks at A24 are seemingly focusing their efforts on Room and its Oscar campaign, and who can blame them. After their biggest year at the box office, the timing is right to take their place in the big show. But my anticipation is still at a fever pitch for this one, reportedly an impressive debut from director Robert Eggers and genuine nerve-wrattler, bringing along a new Twitter star in @BlackPhillip

Speaking of A24, now would be a good place to urge you to read the most fun film read of the season: David Ehrlich throwing down the gauntlet for the recent upstart distributor: The Distributor As Auteur

Indeed, as this is a post about anticipation, every A24 release and acquisition definitely has that must-see It factor for yours truly (though, I cosign Ehrlich’s sentiments towards their DirecTv/VOD options). As the type of Amy Winehouse fan who can still shed a tear listening to her music, when A24 picked up Amy, I knew it would be something special beyond standard musical bio-doc. Indeed, as a rabid fan of Emma Donaghue’s Room, I also knew that it wouldn’t be the maudlin exercise you’d fear the material would become. And behold, another most-anticipated.

Well. This was my first post. Wish me luck and I can’t wait to see what this can become.

Take to the comments and tell me what you’re excited for this year (or next)!

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