Trailer Drop: “Anomalisa”

I spent today recruiting guest voices for a coming post I hope you will all have fun with, but we were also finally given a look at one of filmmixtape’s most anticipated of the year: Charlie Kaufman & Duke Johnson’s stop-motion Anomalisa.

After playing most of the fall festivals, including debuting at our beloved Telluride Film Festival, Anomalisa has only had a still or two floating around to tease the masses unable to seek out a festival screening. Anything Kaufman gets my butt in a theatre without a second thought, and you can guarantee hearing about his pasts efforts like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Adaptation, and Synecdoche, New York in this space in due time.

If I could pick any fall-season release to watch immediately, this would be the immediate choice (perhaps jockeying against Son of Saul, and not only because they’ll likely be the longest wait at this point). And what else are we still chomping at the bit for?

Just because it’s a Monday (or whenever you might be reading this), why not share what I’m truly most excited for:

Don’t forget to breathe when you swoon.

Is “Carol” coming soon enough? Not nearly. We’re Todd Haynes superfans in these parts, even loving the iconoclastic, divisive I’m Not There (though that is probably more fed from my Bob Dylan love than that of Haynes).

Tell us what you’re excited for! What trailers have caught your eye??

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