Ensemble Flashback!: To “Clue” on Its 30th Birthday

So I’ve been teasing an ambitious filmmixtape project for some time. Today, I’m happy to introduce Ensemble Flashback, a retrospective series focusing on each of the performers in legendary (and underrated) ensembles of cinema past! For our inaugural entry, we’re romping with cult classic and quote-friendly farce Clue, just in time for its 30th Anniversary on December 13th!


A filmmixtape favorite, Clue punted its theatrical release, but found long-lasting fame with consistent air time on 90s Comedy Central and by corralling rabid VHS-era obsessives like yours truly. An underrated and undervalued comedy that transcends its board-game origins thanks to the comedy masters that inhabit it, I can’t think of a better first film for this series that will focus on performance.

But it wouldn’t serve the spirit of ensemble to give you just my perspective, so I’ve wrangled up a fabulous crew of Clue lovers to help out! Check out the filmmixtape troupe below!

IMG_6615Maddie Casto (Christopher Lloyd as Prof. Plum) is a New York-based actress who has been a lover of the big white way & the silver screen as long as she can remember. Born and raised in Columbus, OH by a 70s club DJ & a lover of R&H musicals, her education of film, music, and theater started early. Maddie is a graduate of Wright State University where she earned her BFA in musical theater. After graduation, she moved to New York and has been embarking on an incredibly fun, versatile, & exciting career that has lead her to performing all across the US. After touring nationally with two musicals, Maddie spent a year performing as a Cabaret singer along with her own one woman show BROADWAY DIVAS. This past  year, she has originated 5 roles in three brand new musicals with 34 Wet Theater company on Charleston, SC. Favorite roles: Mattie Fae Aiken in “August : Osage County”, Marmee March in “Little Women”, Miss Hannigan in “Annie”, Julia Gibbs in “Our Town”, Kate Keller in “All My Sons”, and Magenta in “The Rocky Horror Show”. An amateur ukulele player, avid reader, and writer, Maddie is a big-hearted goofball and lover of all things art. Flames. Flames on the side of my face. Flames!

Kelsey Celek headshot as jpgKelsey Celek (Madeline Kahn as Mrs. White) – Hello filmmixtape friends! I’m so excited to be participating in the Clue Anniversary. I live in Quincy, Illinois, where I work with kids and puppets – and yes, that is as awesome as it sounds.  I think movies are the bee’s knees, which means I am a big fan of Netflix binges, popcorn, and anything that includes dinosaurs.  My students tell me that they like to watch movies because “you get to peek into someone else’s world for a little while”.  It’s hard to argue with that.  I can’t wait to share more about one of the funniest movies ever!

TobiasFeil053114-0426Chris Feil (Eileen Brennan as Mrs. Peacock) comes to you live from sunny, glamourous Columbus, Ohio! His “Recommended For You” and “Movies from the 90s with a Strong Female Lead” Netflix categories are not-so-shockingly similar. With a B.A. in Theatre, Chris adores actors and their process. He has endless enthusiasm for board games, donuts, and WALL•E. Chris created filmmixtape in October 2015 and is also a weekly contributor at The Film Experience. [Follow Chris on Twitter]

JeffNewman2-2014Jeff Newman (Michael McKean as Mr. Green) hails from Kansas City, MO where he is proud to have been born in the Bedrock of BBQ to a former pot-head and radio man with a love of Star Wars as well as a former hippie turned educator with a love of affordable wine. He has been writing since age 7 and watching R-rated movies since about the same time. After college in That Sure Is A Nice Air Force Museum, OH Jeff moved to Chicago where he continues to perform with numerous local companies as well as write and produce his own work on a regular basis. He is damn proud to call this tenacious community his home. More of Jeff’s writing can be found on his blog A Year With My Beard and also on Tumblr. [Follow Jeff on Twitter for single tweet movie reviews – No fuss. No muss.]

10624650_10102501470894194_2962913706334814996_nJordan Parks (Tim Curry as Wadsworth) – Chris may be the biggest reason I am addicted to movies. I watched Seven when I was eleven years old because of him. We watched Scream, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and “Mystery Science Theater 3000” together. Discussing Oscar noms and disses was a regular occurrence. I am very grateful to write alongside him.  I’ve been Assistant Camera for Hands Off Productions on two of their award-winning shorts I Owe You and A Way Out.

pictureNick Pearson (Lesley Anne Warren as Miss Scarlet) is an actor/writer based in NYC, currently spreading Christmas cheer as the Ghost of Christmas Present in Jenny Wiley Theatre’s Production of “A Christmas Carol”. When not performing outside of the city or pretending to enjoy waiting tables in Times Square, Nick can usually be found at the movies! (Thanks to MoviePass he sees EVERYTHING! Look it up, kids!) If you’re ever in NYC at Oscar time, his apartment is THE place to be for his Annual Oscar Party. He is also the co-host of an annual Harry Potter Movie Marathon celebrating Harry’s birthday every year at his apartment, lovingly christened “Hogwarts in
Harlem”. Cheers to the movies!

katie2 email sizeKatherine Weatherford (Martin Mull as Col. Mustard) is an actor/writer/producer living in NYC.  (This is industry-speak for “has to have a lot of other jobs.”)  Her love of movies started early.  At age 5 she started crashing her parents’ dinner parties wearing a feather boa and reenacting scenes from her favorite films for guests.  (An American Tail and The Little Mermaid were the staples of the repertoire.)  She took her movie madness a step further by studying film in college and then attempting to make her own movies as an adult.  She particularly likes watching old movie musicals, Hitchcock films, underdog sports stories or anything with a dog.  (Unless the dog dies.  Then it is put in the “Worst Movies Ever Made” category.)  Katherine is the co-creator of the sitcom pilot “How Come I’m Not Famous Yet?”, a podcast called “Whee!!  The Story of the Artisan Hand-Shredded Confetti Company,” and is producing an upcoming feature-length film.

Check back in the next week to get a daily dose of our perspective on the performers! Happy Birthday, Clue!!

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