The 10 Guiltiest Pleasures of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Welcome to the 8 Days of RuPaul’s Drag Race! ♫ This is the beginning, the beginning


Never mind that detour – I’m starting things off with a celebration of everything we adore (“party”) in this show despite the speed bumps along the way. That’s right, our not-so-guilty pleasure has some guilty pleasures tucked inside. Let’s run down the moments, queens, and flubs we love despite our better judgment…


The fun begins after the jump…


Nicole Paige Brooks From At-lan-ta, Geor-gia

Perhaps our first queen who was in a little over her head with the competition, this season 2 early out is still memorable for her unintentional quotability. This hoe with a heart of gold may not have been the sharpest, but her unwavering sincerity still wins out. YOU KNOW YOU WANT THE PAH!


Bad Fashion

Whenever there’s a sewing challenge, you can bank on a real doozy – like Jiggly Caliente’s season 4 post-apocalypse ensemble seen here. Sewing challenges have been rarities in recent seasons, but that hasn’t stopped the queens from making major fashion face-splats (see Joslyn Fox’s nineteen bathing suits).

Post-Drag Race Music Careers

Granted there are some actually catchy numbers like what Alaska has produced. However, for every successful Adore Delano or Willam, there are five queens you never realized even released a single. These musical career attempt “why not”s aren’t going away any time soon.


The Season One “Production Values”

It’s almost shocking that the inaugural season is less than a decade old when you look back at its hilariously shoddy production values. From the harsh lighting to the ever-present Vaseline filter, the show was clearly done on the cheap (shh, it still is). Let’s not forget the background ladder like some poor PA did.


Contestants Feigning Excitement Over the Announced Guest Judges

You know not a damn one of those queens had ever heard the names María Conchita Alonso or Rick Fox in their entire life, but they made show that it was a big deal all the same. Witness where there celeb focus lies on an episode feturing both Aubrey O’Day (suspicious oohs and aahs) and Joan Van Ark (ZOMG YAS).

Kennedy Davenport’s “Death Becomes Her” Runway and Explanation



Contestants Sincerely Saying Dumb Things

Joslyn’s “Black Horse”, Kandy Ho’s “on my alley”, anytime Miss Fame gets asked “How’s your head?”. The queens are here to slay, not to form sentences.


RuPaul’s Puns

“Miss Fame. Donatella me that was your best celebrity impersonation.”



Sure, a great way to capitalize on the growing popularity of the flagship series, but a show about drag queens turning women into… drag queens… what? Still, we got more great quote from the queens we loved most.



Laganja Estranja

“Heyheyheyhey, put your lighters up, Ganja’s in the house!!” The show’s reigning love-to-hate-her champion had the meltdown of the century and grated on every competitor’s nerves, but she made for uproarious and compelling television. She has since cleaned up her act and is still a fiery entertainer. Admit it, you love how quotable she is, okurrrrrr.


8 Days of Rupaul’s Drag Race continues through March 7.

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