RuPaul’s Best Friend Race – Our Favorite Squirrelfriends


Hey, squirrel friends! The 8 Days of Drag Race continues after yesterday’s Top 10 Guiltiest Pleasures. Today is about something we all need to survive – everybody say “LOVE”!

One of the most important and inspiring elements of the LGBT community is the friendships that bind us – so naturally RuPaul’s Drag Race is creating lasting bonds as much as it is launching careers. Sure, the competition comes first, but the queens are nothing without relying on the support, humor, and shade of one another to carry eachother through.


Oh, but you’re wrong, Lashawn Beyond. Because unless you’re Phi Phi O’Hara, the show proves it’s hard to get ahead without some support by your side. Check out the show’s best galpals after the jump!


Raven & Jujubee

The first besties in the show’s history became so instantly close that it’s surprising to remember that they didn’t know eachother before meeting on season 2. Their tear-filled lipsync against one another to Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”on All-Stars is an iconic reminder that sometimes the reality show is about more than serving and quipping.



The most powerful alliance in the show’s run. The fierce talents of Alaska, Detox, and Roxxxy Andrews meant they never had to resort to strategy or sabotage to get ahead. Their unique talents were complimentary to eachother’s humor, so everyone got moments to shine.

Katya & Trixie Mattel

No one does daffy like these two, and it only becomes exacerbated when together. While we didn’t get much of them together on season seven (and let’s we honest, we didn’t get nearly enough of Trixie, period) they’ve been making up for lost time by touring together and some of the funniest post-show YouTube content.


Raja & Delta Work

These two were like family before the competition (Raja is Delta’s drag mother), and they can gossip the way only true relatives can. The queen bees of the Heathers vs. Boogers rivalry, this hilarious duo had the kind of unexpected chemistry the show thrives upon with Delta’s caustic wit and Raja’s goofy sensibility.


Bianca Del Rio & Adore Delano

As would have to be the case considering Bianca’s tongue, their friendship actually thrives on reading one another:


These two bring out the things we love most in the both of them – Bianca’s heart and Adore’s charm – without sacrificing either queen’s edge. Certainly one of the show’s greatest and wittiest odd couples, they’re also among the most popular.


Yara Sofia & Alexis Mateo

“BAM!” It’s easy to forget how quotable and charming these two were all the way back in season three. While All-Stars brought out the bitchier side in them that was more dormant in their first run, these pageant divas “echa pa’ lante”-d into our hearts from the beginning.


Alyssa Edwards & Alyssa Edwards

Make no mistake – season five gave us Jinkx Monsoon, Rolaskatox, a cast filled with sob stories, and a frenemy story with Coco Montrese, but still every damn episode was about Alyssa Edwards. Dropping about seven quotables before a mini-challenge while being completely dead serious, this unintentional genius is know for feeling her damn self.


RuPaul  & Michelle Visage

How can a friendship so elemental to the show go unmentioned? Their palpable shared love and willingness to poke fun at one another like the best of Judys never tires through even the most scripted of interactions. Michele’s willingness to be the show’s ambassador in Ru’s absence allows her passion for her bestie shine through and Mama Ru is at her most relaxed next to Michele. They’re just two peas in a pod!

The 8 Days of RuPaul’s Drag Race continues everyday until the premiere of season 8 on March 7!

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