Trailer Drop!: “Swiss Army Man”

Sundance’s most divisive and notorious competition entry from this year’s festival, Swiss Army Man, is coming this summer and just got its first trailer. The film features Daniel Radcliffe as a farting corpse that becomes the companion to a stranded and perhaps delusional Paul Dano. You can see how the concept had some Sundancers scratching their heads and others making an early exit.

The trailer suggests a sweeter and more ambitious film than the early dismissive festival response promised. Music video partners The Daniels took the competition Best Director prize and are at the very least giving us something we haven’t quite experienced. After the career-high benchmark of Love and Mercy (a filmmixtape Best Actor runner-up performance), I’m particularly excited to see if Dano will continue to challenge himself.

If anyone can handle this kind of difficult material and keep the conversation alive, it’s maverick distributor A24. They’ve previously had small scale success with tough sells like Spring Breakers and Under the Skin, though this one will need the passionate reviews of those films to curb the bad buzz.

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