Final Oscar Nomination Predictions!


The Oscar nominations are on Tuesday! I’ve not kept up on updated predictions this season, but here is my best attempt in the final stretch.

I’m currently predicting a lineup of eight Best Picture nominees – a safe number considering the likeliest players. Best Actress and Best Original Score (so many new names?) have me the most uneasy. Actress has been exceptionally tough this year (excitingly so!), with lots of conflicting narratives happening in the voting period. Will Meryl Streep’s Globes speech affect her chances (I struggle to imagine people who weren’t already voting for her suddenly changing their mind)? Have enough people seen 20th Century Women for Bening to get in such a competitive? I wouldn’t be surprised if Huppert does ultimately miss in favor for either of them, but my fifth Actress spot went to the one I think will garner the most top votes.

Random thought: what documentary could be our surprise left-field Best Original Song nominee?

Final Oscar Predictions

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