Hit Me With Your Best Shot!: “The Turning Point”

turningpoint3.pngThe Turning Point beautifully captures a pain I’ve never otherwise seen expressed on film. Certainly not as vividly.

Occasionally, I’ll miss performing so much that it aches. There is a pull that will simply never go away no matter how far removed you are from your last performance or the decision to step away. There’s always minor emotional rugs pulled out from under you, small sadnesses you have to live with even though you feel no regret over the decision: seeing friends performing but remembering the chemistry you had together, celebrating their growth with vague embarrassment for your less interesting life developments. When you’re off the stage, everything else seems so small compared to those who stayed.

And of course you hear what it means to stay: the loneliness, the broken bodies, the realized dreams that turn on you.

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