Ensemble Flashback!: To “Clue” on Its 30th Birthday

So I’ve been teasing an ambitious filmmixtape project for some time. Today, I’m happy to introduce Ensemble Flashback, a retrospective series focusing on each of the performers in legendary (and underrated) ensembles of cinema past! For our inaugural entry, we’re romping with cult classic and quote-friendly farce Clue, just in time for its 30th Anniversary on December 13th!


A filmmixtape favorite, Clue punted its theatrical release, but found long-lasting fame with consistent air time on 90s Comedy Central and by corralling rabid VHS-era obsessives like yours truly. An underrated and undervalued comedy that transcends its board-game origins thanks to the comedy masters that inhabit it, I can’t think of a better first film for this series that will focus on performance.

But it wouldn’t serve the spirit of ensemble to give you just my perspective, so I’ve wrangled up a fabulous crew of Clue lovers to help out! Check out the filmmixtape troupe below!

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