Final Oscar Predictions: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda!


What a long and lively season it has been. Most excitingly, this year’s Oscar ceremony is less predictable, with many categories open for slaughter. We could very well see a Best Picture winner with the lowest win tally in eons, or even a potential steamroller in The Revenant. Now onto the final prediction dive, where I also share some Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda’s: what could win, what I would pick, and what should have been nominated. Oscar Prediction pages can also be found here.

Of course, if you missed the filmmixtape Best of the Year or my votes for the craft categories, be sure to check those out too! On to the predictions…

BEST PICTUREIt’s down to a battle of big canvas craft and small scale dramatic fireworks between The Revenant and Spotlight. My money is on Spotlight, helped by broad support on the preferential ballot (probably getting the lion’s share of #2 and #3 votes) versus The Revenant‘s vocal dissenters.

  • COULDA – The Big Short
  • WOULDA – Room
  • SHOULDACarol

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Final Oscar Predictions and Wishful Thinking

The 2016 Oscar nominations will finally be revealed early Thursday morning, and our Prediction pages have been given the final update before the big announcement. I may not have done so well with those Golden Globes winner predictions, but then again no one did. Also included with the links below are the first Wishful Thinking choices of outside candidates that would be a delightful surprise.


Best Picture

  • Wishful Thinking: SicarioMy take over at The Film Experience says it all: this is one hefty film with all elements in sync. It has received some guild love (most notably from the PGA), but remains an outsider. If it gets in, you can thank the preferential ballot and a passionate fanbase.

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