In Review!: “Krampus”

Framed by everything you hate about the holiday and everything you love about the genre, Michael Dougherty’s Krampus is a Christmas delight of monster mayhem and creepy holiday spirit. After this and his Halloween-set Trick ‘r Treat, he could be given an Easter Bunny horror film and likely deliver on the giggles and haunts in equal measure. That humor and horror go so confidently hand-in-hand is partly why Krampus is the unexpected treat that it is: a new alternative holiday classic for those of us bored by the marathon of A Christmas Story and crave something a little more attuned to the frustrations of the season.


Because what is the Christmas season with its share of familial unease and resentments? Krampus‘s family is archly drawn and diametrically opposed with the bluntest depiction of the current American divide, which while it doesn’t allow for much nuance (is that what you showed up for, really?), it does thrust the majority of the film’s effective humor. Driven by his disappointments with his parents and his disdain for his bullying extended family, protagonist Max (Emjay Anthony, previously charming in Jon Favreau’s Chef) rejects the spirit of Christmas and summons the demonic Krampus – and his doting German-immigrant grandmother Omi (Krista Stadler) just may be a little familiar.

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A Very “Star Wars” Christmas

Some holiday cheer came from the Star Wars Twitter Q&A, giving us an unexpected moment of magic.

Only twenty seconds long and infinitely better Star Wars Christmas experience.

Readers will know filmmixtape has some strong feelings about Oscar Isaac and Christmas in general, so I was delighted by this. After Inside Llewyn Davis, any musical moments from Isaac are more than welcome. Remember those rumors of a Guys and Dolls remake? I’d say you have two great leads right here!

Christmas is Coming

Here’s a clip of me and some friends on November 1:

That’s right, I’m a Gremlin in this analogy. Jolly, festive, and a complete monster terrorizing you with Christmas spirit. The rest of the world is Ruby Deagle.

It’s November 5, and I’m ready for Christmas.