“Clue” Ensemble Flashback!: Eileen Brennan as “Mrs. Peacock”

While Clue begins by trying to maintain a mysterious, Agatha Christie-esque sense of mystery and deduction, it quickly devolves into an outright farce – where it holds its obvious greatest strength and source of delight. Similarly, the divine Eileen Brennan’s Mrs. Peacock starts out stately and charming, true to her background of political schmoozing and hobnobbing, and abruptly becomes the shrillest and most heightened character among this sly ensemble. She’s the most outraged, the most undone, quite simply: just the MOST.

peacock profile

But though she takes her forceful senator’s wife to barking heights, she earns the absurd laughs my aiming with a perfect pitch of delicious comic insight.

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