In Review: Monos

Filled with sensory explosiveness, Monos is an incredibly evocative breakthrough for filmmaker Alejandro Landes. Set in the wilderness and mountains in Latin America, the film follows a small militia of young adults tasked with watching over an American hostage and carrying out the orders of a transient general known as the Messenger. Landes crafts a narrative indebted to the likes of Lord of the Flies and Apocalypse Now in a package that is almost neo-Malickian, both classically familiar and freshly tense.


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In Review!: “Novitiate”

In Novitiate, a young Catholic school transplant Grace enters the sisterhood amidst the unspoken coming changes of Vatican II, a church ruling that would reduce the distance between clergy and follower. Directed by Margaret Betts, the journey that follows finds the shattering of traditions to be matched in the degradation of the spirits of its young inductee nuns. The film is led by Melissa Leo as the punishing and unyielding Mother Superior, but features a stunning cast led by Margaret Qualley as Grace and Julianne Nicholson as her wary, unreligious mother.


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