A Lipsync for Your Life Midweek Mixtape


There haven’t been any recent Midweek Mixtapes, so what better time to bring it back for the 8 Days of RuPaul’s Drag Race! This week’s playlist also some wishful thinking for this season’s Lipsync For Your Life showdowns. I tried to steer away from artists that have been performed previously (En Vogue and Robyn being among irresistible exceptions). Can you believe track 1 has never been done??


In case you’ve missed the beginnings of The 8 Days of RuPaul’s Drag Race, catch up!

2015 Movie Midweek Mixtape

Yes, we’ve been quiet in these parts over the holidays. I’ve got a slew of reviews coming to you, friendly readers, but for now: enjoy an ever-so-slightly early Midweek Mixtape, brought to you by music from the movies of this year (psst, head over to this year’s Reviews to figure out where you heard them before).