If 2016’s Worst Films Were Drag Race Competitors

2016 has proven to be a terrible year for life in general but a great one at the movies – even if we have had an abundance of true clunkers. But how can I bring myself to make a worst of the year list? Look, it’s not always fun to talk about bad movies especially when, like me, you just want everything to be great. So: since dwelling on the worst can be a real drag, let’s imagine the movies I hate as something I truly love: the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Because if you can’t love the worst films of the year, how in the hell are you gonna love the best films of the year? And because, for the movies killing the positive vibes, in the words of Detox…


So what queens embody the year’s worst films?


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In Review!: “Rules Don’t Apply”

Yikes. Bursting with exhausting manic energy, Warren Beatty’s Howard Hughes pet project Rule Don’t Apply is not so much a misfire as it is a gatling gun firing on spin-cycling decimating everything in its path. Time away from movie-making hasn’t served Beatty as an actor, director or especially as a screenwriter as the film haplessly throws as much on the screen as it can grab with only two hands and limitless gumption. If there is anything to admire in the film, it’s the almost reckless abandon it has for the simplest of guidelines for narrative structure and character development. It’s difficult to not be bummed out that this might very well be Warren Beatty final screen work.




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