Snatch Game!: From Worst to Best

1snatch game.png

How is everyone enjoying season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race? For my money, thus far it is among the best seasons, fulfilling plenty of hopes for the season! The talent pool is among the most diverse we’ve ever seen and this season finds the balance in giving the audience what we want without phoning it in with repetitive storylines we’ve heard told better. However, that momentum could turn sour if it becomes predictable or weak performances like Derrick Barry keep getting a free pass.

Leading up to the premiere, there was The 8 Days of RuPaul’s Drag Race where I featured fun things like lipsync wishes, guilty pleasures, and the highest squirrelfriend of them all. What better week to hop back into the Drag Race realm than that of everyone’s most-anticipated episode: Snatch Game!


Snatch Game is a real make or break episode for each season’s batch of racers. Aside from Queen Henny herself, Stacy Layne Matthews, no queen has ever taken a Snatch Game win to less than fifth place. There may be the odd Courtenay Act or Phi Phi O’Hara slips on their celebrity impersonation, but no queen has ever done a lipsync after Snatch Game and gone on to the final 3. Bad news for Naomi Smalls!

While the best individual performances are easy to recall, what are the best overall Snatch Games and which season entries left us wanting?

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