“Clue” Ensemble Flashback!: Tim Curry as “Wadsworth”

When the whole mystery wraps around 6 famous possible murderers, the storytellers needed to give an awful lot of plot rollout to someone else. Thus Wadsworth the loyal butler gets to drive. The entire film. Even when no one knows what’s going on, he is still the voice of reason. And when you need a charismatic Brit to carry the weight of nearly an entire 90 minute romp, you can only call one man: Tim Curry.

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Twenty years ago, I was spending the night at my aunt and uncle’s house. I couldn’t sleep and would always end up channel surfing with my uncle Ken. He stopped on a movie channel playing some old movie. “Oh hey, Clue!” he shot. “Clue? Like, the board game?” I asked. My seven year old brain processed it the same way everyone’s brain does. “That’s stupid. You can’t make a movie out of a board game!” “Oh no, this movie is awesome. Just watch it,” he assured.

Watching him now, I am blown away at his ability to capture “slow and mysterious” at the beginning of the film. He is totally in control of the dinner party and, by extension, the film itself. He is so damn creepy introducing us to the set up. Chewing up all of his tension building exposition. And I mean really chewing. His pronunciation of the “No” is a prime example. We’re left with a sound more akin to “Nnnuhhhhh”.

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