In Review: Swan Song

In Swan Song, Udo Kier’s image alone is too divine for words. As the “Liberace of Sandusky”, Kier stars as Pat Pitsenberger, a once flamboyant hairdresser now silently stowed away in a depressing cinderblock nursing home. He coasts by in his sweatpants, hiding cigarettes and living as the vaguest shadow of his brightest self. At the chance to style the hair for one of his wealthiest former clients, Pat sneaks off for an odyssey through the town, reclaiming pieces of himself along the way and nursing the grudges that came with the end of his salon. By the time he dons a mint pantsuit and chandelier on his head, we feel Kier’s Pat coming into an exalting reemergence, the complete vision we’ve been told he once was. Except, sadly, the film around him can reveal to us much more about him.

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