Final Oscar Predictions and Wishful Thinking

The 2016 Oscar nominations will finally be revealed early Thursday morning, and our Prediction pages have been given the final update before the big announcement. I may not have done so well with those Golden Globes winner predictions, but then again no one did. Also included with the links below are the first Wishful Thinking choices of outside candidates that would be a delightful surprise.


Best Picture

  • Wishful Thinking: SicarioMy take over at The Film Experience says it all: this is one hefty film with all elements in sync. It has received some guild love (most notably from the PGA), but remains an outsider. If it gets in, you can thank the preferential ballot and a passionate fanbase.

Best Director

  • Wishful Thinking: Lenny Abrahamson, Room – Many would call for Todd Haynes here, but the BAFTA haul for Carol gives me the confidence to predict him (despite missing out at the DGA today). Abrahamson’s work has gone undervalued all season long, despite the passionate support his film has gathered.

Best Actress

  • Wishful Thinking: Emily Blunt, Sicario – She’s not the passive cipher that early critics have called her – watch it again, she’s ferocious.

Best Actor

  • Wishful Thinking: Paul Dano, Love and Mercy and Jacob Tremblay, Room – Everyone’s been griping over category fraud for Rooney Mara and Alicia Vikander and simultaneously grousing over the thin Best Actor field. Here’s two supporting candidates that would liven up the field while being fully deserving.

Best Supporting Actress

  • Wishful Thinking: Sarah Paulson, Carol – Campaigning Rooney Mara in supporting has sucked the air out of the room for Paulson, who could’ve been a surefire nominee who’s no stranger to television awards consideration.

Best Supporting Actor

  • Wishful Thinking: Oscar Isaac, Ex Machina – Our fingers are crossed for Michael Keaton in Spotlight, but he or Mark Ruffalo could still make it in despite not landing in the precursors. Read our previous take on Isaac’s performance.

Best Original Screenplay

  • Wishful Thinking: I’ll See You in My Dreams. The first screener that went out this year hasn’t yielded any attention on the season (though its Best Song chances are higher). Marc Basch and Brett Haley’s script is a warm study of aging and human surprises.

Best Adapted Screenplay

  • Wishful Thinking: The End of the Tour

Best Editing

  • Wishful Thinking: Room

Best Cinematography

  • Wishful Thinking: It Follows

Best Costume Design

  • Wishful Thinking: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Best Production Design

  • Wishful Thinking: Crimson Peak

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

  • Wishful Thinking: Crimson Peak (inelligible)

Best Original Score

  • Wishful Thinking: It Follows

Best Original Song

  • Wishful Thinking: “Flashlight” – Pitch Perfect 2

Best Sound Mixing

  • Wishful Thinking: Love and Mercy

Best Sound Editing

  • Wishful Thinking: Inside Out

Best Visual Effects

  • Wishful Thinking: Ex Machina… but I think it gets in…

Best Foreign Language Film

  • Wishful Thinking: Taxi (inelligible)

Best Documentary Feature

Best Animated Feature

  • Wishful Thinking: So long as Shaun the Sheep gets in…

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